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    Youth Sports: 2 Simple Ways to Help Your Athlete Improve Their Game

    Youth Sports: 2 Simple Ways to Help Your Athlete Improve Their Game

    Have you ever thought of ways that you can help your athlete improve their game? In this blog post I will share 2 Ways to Help Your Athlete Improve Their Game.  My boys have been playing soccer and basketball for more than 6 years.  Over the past couple of years they have expressed the desire to become more serious athletes, so we have set out to help them reach their goals.  Here are ways you can help.

    Run With Your Athlete

    Did you know that most athletes run more than 2 miles in one game?  Yes!  According to Runners World, Soccer players can run up to 7 miles per game, Football players 1.25 miles and Basketball players 2.55 miles.  And just because I used to play Field Hockey, I have to mention that they can run up to 5.6 miles a game.

    As a Division II Field Hockey player, the majority of our training was running, running and more running.  I knew that in order for my boys to get better on the field/court they would have to do the same.

    In the Spring, I started having my boys run with me at least 2 times a week, while the other was at practice.  We started out simple because although we take this stuff seriously, I am not trying to over do it.  To help us get started an ease into our distance and time, we used the C210K app. The app is great for beginners or experienced runners.  I like to use this app myself, to build my distance back up after a long break. Each week you run a little bit longer and walk a lot less. It starts off with Day 1 Week 1 (5 min. warm up, alternating 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 min., 5 minute cool down).  A simple running program like this was perfect for me and my boys.

    I definitely saw an improvement each week on the field. They were less winded, showing less signs of fatigue and they had better ball control throughout the game because they were not as tired.

    Passing, Shooting and Hitting

    Get out there on a nice off day and play with your athlete.  Pass the football, shoot some hoops and pitch so your baseball player can get some practice hits.

    This has been a great way for my active family to spend time together.  It is fun and also helps improve those basic techniques that are so important to the game.

    Now, if you and your athletes are really competitive you can set up drills or play a game of 21.  I have to warn you though…it can be dangerous…LOL!  I am not the young athlete I once was.  I have accidentally of course, been hit in the face with a soccer ball and fell backwards while playing a very competitive game of basketball with my husband and kids.  So, be careful out there!

    Now, everyone is not going to want to get out there and run or risk getting injured and that is totally cool.  There are ways that you can help even if you don't join them physically:

    • encourage them to do some activities on their own
    • have them play with teammates or other kids in the neighborhood
    • find an older athlete who wants to shoot or hit around
    • drop them off at a field while your read a book close by
    • play with their sibling

    Whether you literally hit the field or court with your athlete or not, you can help them improve their game.  I have seen the improvements it has had for my athletes and know it can help yours too.  And let's not forget that all these activities are fun ways to keep you healthy and fit!

    Thank you for stopping through and reading our post!  Make sure you subscribe for more and share with your Sports Mom friends.

    Youth Sports: 5 Ways to Sell or Donate Used Sports Equipment

    Youth Sports: 5 Ways to Sell or Donate Used Sports Equipment

    Have you ever wondered what to do with your athletes used sports equipment?  Sell it, donate it or just give it away? I ask myself these questions every season.  It is also the reason why I still have soo much used sportss equipment.  In an effort to declutter the closets and my home I found 5 Ways to Sell or Donate Used Sports Equipment that I thought I would share.  Check out the list below!

    Youth Sports: 5 Ways to Sell or Donate Used Sports Equipment

    5 Ways to Donate or Sell Used Sports Equipment

    Sell it on Ebay - When going through my boys used items the first thing I do is check to see if the item is in excellent/good condition.  If so, I sell it on Ebay.  Ebay is easy to use and a great way to get some money back on items that are in excellent/good condition and are made by popular brands like, Nike, Addidas, etc.

    Play it Again Sports - It is like a consignment shop for sports equipment.  They buy, sell and trade new and used sports equipment and fitness gear.  This is something that I just recently heard about from my boss.  Here is a list of sports that they buy and sell for (each location may vary):

    US Soccer Association Passback Program - This is a great program for used soccer equipment.  Through the Passback Program, you can donate to a specific organization in your area that has signed up for a specific need.  For example, x club needs 10 pair of socks, 10 pair of shin guards and 5 balls. I went through the steps and found that there are many soccer clubs in my area with a need for donated equipment for their players.  I love the idea of being able to give to someone to meet their specific need, especially young athletes.

    Donate to Goodwill or Salvation ArmyI think we are all familiar with the Goodwill or Salvation Army.  This is always my fall back when I do not have the time to put into selling things on Ebay or using either of the other choices I have listed above.  I found that Salvation Army has a Donation Value Guide which is helpful when donating other items that you find when cleaning out your closets.

    Your Club to Donate Gear and Uniforms - Pay close attention to the e-mails that you get from your club.  Your club may hold seasonal or ongoing equipment donation events. They may also provide financial assistance for some to help with fees or equipment.

    Whether you want to sell your items to use toward more equipment for your growing athlete or just because, donate to sport specific programs or give away to places like Salvation Army, there are many options when it comes to used sports equipment.

    What do you do with your athletes used sports equipment?  Do you use any of the options listed above?

    We would love to hear from you!  Make sure you like, share and comment!

    Youth Sports: Bye, Bye Sports Goggles

    Youth Sports: Bye, Bye Sports Goggles

    Bye, Bye Sports Goggles!

    They were great and served their purpose for about 2 years to be exact! But, it is now time to move to the next level and for our son that is contacts. The sports goggles were great for him as a young athlete who was just getting started. They help with the obvious, vision, but I also liked the added benefit of protecting his eyes. Now, there will be no more running around the house before we leave for a game trying to find his glasses (that are supposed to be in a specific spot in the house)! I am really not going to miss that at all...smh!

    Our main reason for the switch was to help him see a bit more clearly on the field and court. His level of play and ability has increased so we wanted to help increase his ability to see. After watching him play a couple seasons we felt that the googles had some downfalls:

    • affects his peripheral vision
    • fog up with the changing weather
    • they don't fit nicely under a football helmet; We ended up getting a second pair during the season he did play because they were all bent up from his helmet.

    The Next Level

    We are 3 weeks into the basketball season and we have already seen the benefits of changing from googles to contacts.  He has more confidence on the court and his shooting percentage has increased.  Now, that could be due to just improvement but we are attributing at least part of it to the contacts.

    One of my concerns is that he would want to wear them all of the time. I really got them for the specific purpose of sports and didn't want him to wear them daily. To my surprise, he isn't wanting to wear them like I thought and has only been wearing them on practice and game days.

    Did your child start off wearing goggles?  Did you notice a difference in play when they switched to contacts?  Are you thinking about sports goggles? I would love to hear your experiences with sports googles! Make sure you like, share and comment!

    Youth Sports: When should your child start playing youth sports?

    Youth Sports: When should your child start playing youth sports?

    When should your child start playing youth sports?  This is a question my husband and I asked ourselves many times before we signed our children up for organized youth sports.  We would go back and forth on when they should start. My initial standpoint was that kids should start as soon as they can, so that they can start developing their skills and get ahead of the game.  He didn't think they should start at the age of 4 or 5.  He felt that they will have many years to start and develop their skills.  We ended up with a combination of our view points.


    I didn't start to play on an organized team (Field Hockey) until 7th grade, thanks to our school districts sports programs.  My little sister and brother, however, started playing organized sports (soccer, football and baseball) when they were still in Elementary School.  I can still remember going to my brother little league and football games and  cheering on my little sister run the soccer field.  My little sister went on to be an All-American Athlete.  Did you play as a child?  Do you remember when you started playing?

    When to start: Kids in Sports

    We signed up our oldest up for soccer at the age of 4.  He we always athletic, teaching himself how to dance, do flips and he was shooting Little Tikes baskets since he was 6 months.  So, he was very coordinated.  However, due to finances, he wouldn't play again until he was 9.  We signed him up for Basketball, his favorite sport at the time and then at the age of 10 he played his first and last season of Football.  He is now a great Soccer and Basketball athlete!

    My youngest (pictured above) did not start playing organized sports until he was 7 years old.  He was also very athletic and active. He now plays Soccer and Basketball, just like his big brother.

    What age did your children start playing sports?  We ended up waiting until they were 7 and 9.  When it comes to deciding what age they should start playing, outside of finances, each child is different and it is ultimately up to you as parents to decide if they are ready to step on that field or not.

    Fun Fact: According to Statistic Brain, 36,250,000 kids between the ages of 5 and 18 play organized sports.

    I would love to hear your thoughts!  Make sure you like, share and comment!


    Welcome to Sports Mom League!

    Welcome to Sports Mom League!

    Welcome to Sports Mom League! 

      My name is Shawna and I am a Sports Mom.  Yes! I am the mom who can’t sit still during the game, cheers for my kids and their teammates and pays close attention to my boys during practice and games so I can give insight on things they may need work on or little things that the coach may not notice that would help them step up their game.

      I am a former athlete who played Division II Field Hockey, big sister of a Division III 8x All-American/High School Hall of Famer and now sports mom to 2 great athletes who play soccer and basketball. I am looking forward to watching, supporting and teaching them about the game and life, for the years to come whether they reach their goals as professional athletes or not.  

      Cross Country

      Little Sis with My Boys

      My Youngest "Ace"

      My Oldest "Champ"

      I am not only a sports mom and fan but also a creative!  Sports Mom League: Sports and Lifestyle Blog, is my creative outlet.  Here, I get to merge my life as a sports mom, experience as a blogger, in blog and web design and product creativity all into one.  As you explore the site, you will find that we have a Sports Mom League Shop!  Currently, our shop has Soccer Mom, Football Mom and Field HockeyMom hats for other Sports Moms like me.  We will soon be adding other sports and products.  If there is a sports mom hat that we haven’t created yet but you would like to rock, please drop us a line and let us know: shawna@sportsmomleague.com.

      I look forward to sharing my journey, experiences and products with you.  If you would like to work with us and/or be a guest blogger, please feel free to contact us: shawna@sportsmomleague.com.