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    Blog — Kids in Sports

    Youth Sports: When should your child start playing youth sports?

    Youth Sports: When should your child start playing youth sports?

    When should your child start playing youth sports?  This is a question my husband and I asked ourselves many times before we signed our children up for organized youth sports.  We would go back and forth on when they should start. My initial standpoint was that kids should start as soon as they can, so that they can start developing their skills and get ahead of the game.  He didn't think they should start at the age of 4 or 5.  He felt that they will have many years to start and develop their skills.  We ended up with a combination of our view points.


    I didn't start to play on an organized team (Field Hockey) until 7th grade, thanks to our school districts sports programs.  My little sister and brother, however, started playing organized sports (soccer, football and baseball) when they were still in Elementary School.  I can still remember going to my brother little league and football games and  cheering on my little sister run the soccer field.  My little sister went on to be an All-American Athlete.  Did you play as a child?  Do you remember when you started playing?

    When to start: Kids in Sports

    We signed up our oldest up for soccer at the age of 4.  He we always athletic, teaching himself how to dance, do flips and he was shooting Little Tikes baskets since he was 6 months.  So, he was very coordinated.  However, due to finances, he wouldn't play again until he was 9.  We signed him up for Basketball, his favorite sport at the time and then at the age of 10 he played his first and last season of Football.  He is now a great Soccer and Basketball athlete!

    My youngest (pictured above) did not start playing organized sports until he was 7 years old.  He was also very athletic and active. He now plays Soccer and Basketball, just like his big brother.

    What age did your children start playing sports?  We ended up waiting until they were 7 and 9.  When it comes to deciding what age they should start playing, outside of finances, each child is different and it is ultimately up to you as parents to decide if they are ready to step on that field or not.

    Fun Fact: According to Statistic Brain, 36,250,000 kids between the ages of 5 and 18 play organized sports.

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