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    Youth Sports: Bye, Bye Sports Goggles

    Youth Sports: Bye, Bye Sports Goggles

    Bye, Bye Sports Goggles!

    They were great and served their purpose for about 2 years to be exact! But, it is now time to move to the next level and for our son that is contacts. The sports goggles were great for him as a young athlete who was just getting started. They help with the obvious, vision, but I also liked the added benefit of protecting his eyes. Now, there will be no more running around the house before we leave for a game trying to find his glasses (that are supposed to be in a specific spot in the house)! I am really not going to miss that at all...smh!

    Our main reason for the switch was to help him see a bit more clearly on the field and court. His level of play and ability has increased so we wanted to help increase his ability to see. After watching him play a couple seasons we felt that the googles had some downfalls:

    • affects his peripheral vision
    • fog up with the changing weather
    • they don't fit nicely under a football helmet; We ended up getting a second pair during the season he did play because they were all bent up from his helmet.

    The Next Level

    We are 3 weeks into the basketball season and we have already seen the benefits of changing from googles to contacts.  He has more confidence on the court and his shooting percentage has increased.  Now, that could be due to just improvement but we are attributing at least part of it to the contacts.

    One of my concerns is that he would want to wear them all of the time. I really got them for the specific purpose of sports and didn't want him to wear them daily. To my surprise, he isn't wanting to wear them like I thought and has only been wearing them on practice and game days.

    Did your child start off wearing goggles?  Did you notice a difference in play when they switched to contacts?  Are you thinking about sports goggles? I would love to hear your experiences with sports googles! Make sure you like, share and comment!

    Welcome to Sports Mom League!

    Welcome to Sports Mom League!

    Welcome to Sports Mom League! 

      My name is Shawna and I am a Sports Mom.  Yes! I am the mom who can’t sit still during the game, cheers for my kids and their teammates and pays close attention to my boys during practice and games so I can give insight on things they may need work on or little things that the coach may not notice that would help them step up their game.

      I am a former athlete who played Division II Field Hockey, big sister of a Division III 8x All-American/High School Hall of Famer and now sports mom to 2 great athletes who play soccer and basketball. I am looking forward to watching, supporting and teaching them about the game and life, for the years to come whether they reach their goals as professional athletes or not.  

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